About Us

We are Logan and Nathaniel (along with our 2 dogs Izzy and Diesel) from Minnesota and can't wait to be parents. 

We met in college 10 years ago through mutual friends and have since been best friends enjoying our time together and shared hobbies. We are close to both our families who are excited about our adoption journey and will be very involved in your child’s life. We were married in 2019, and immediately left to go on a camping trip which really describes our life together. 

About Logan (by Nathaniel)

Logan is going to be an amazing father and has been wanting a child ever since we met! He is driven and accomplishes anything he puts his mind too, including getting his master’s degree and pilot license. Logan has many outdoor hobbies including biking, hiking, camping, and spending time with our two dogs. After spending 10 years as a nurse, Logan now works in the medical device field ensuring products are safe. He is an only child who grew up in Kentucky on a small farm with many animals. Logan talks to his parents daily, who are very excited to be Granny and Papa! Growing up, he learned a lot of skills such as car maintenance and home repairs. He will be the parent teaching a child how to change a tire and the oil in their 1st car.

About Nathaniel (By Logan)

Nathaniel is going to be a great Dad! Smart and driven, he hopes to make the world a better place. Nathaniel grew up in Michigan with a large family and is close to his younger siblings. His family was heavily involved in scouting, and as an Eagle Scout, he is excited to pass on the tradition. With a master’s degree is a successful Project Manager for a medical device company. His dream is to work for an organization where he can make a difference in the life of those less fortunate. Nathaniel loves to garden and is in charge of all our flowers and plants. Nathaniel will be the parent helping with math homework! 

Our Pets

Our 2 dogs, Izzy who is smart and energetic and Diesel who is laid back and loves to cuddle, they are polar opposites but both great with kids. 

Our Hobbies

Visiting State and National Parks


Visiting aquariums and zoos around the world

Enjoying our time together